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Loving Couple

You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”-Les Brown!
Ask yourself.... Are you ready for Love


Certified Life and Health Coach

& Love Expert

 I help you find LOVE through self development and realizing the LOVE inside yourself though loving the person in the mirror. We will bring you true LOVE.  
Its time to wake up, and fall in LOVE

Life's Beautiful

Find the

real  in


Life is never what we think it should be, but it can be everything we want it to be!

Achieve your dream! Join the thousands of people who are living everyday with joy, hope, and fulfillment!!
You do not have to feel alone, or without hope. We are here!!

Woman in Hot Tub

Meet our Coach and Owner Leah O'Neill

Certified Life/Health Coach

Leah O'Neill
She is a Life and Heath Coach who specializes in LOVE. She is  passionate about helping everyone look in the mirror and love who they are! She creates an inspirational and professional foundation for you to reach your relationship goals. 
Her program "loving the person in the Mirror"
1. Chang es your mindset 

2. Manifestation in your actions to cause....
3. Materialization  of your deepest goals 
4. Final stage of development -  is total transformation

"When you love the person in the mirror you no longer allow anyone to judge you" Emmie


Call Today: 704-953-5377

Are you over tired?

Do you have brain Fog?

Do you look in the mirror and wish you were someone else?

Do you get easily angry because work, family, and/or home have you over whelmed?

Does your weight fluctuate and feel bloated more than you feel good?

If you answered YES to any of these topics, you need to BOOK today and begin your new life!!!

WE have 1:1 sessions

Groups Session

30 day program

60 day program

90 day program

Nutrition planning

Career Development (jump start your dream Job and climb the ladder.)

Achieve your

 Goal today with a

Simple, Easy  Personalized plan

set just for YOU

Connect with us Today:



                        You deserve the LOVE you want!!!








Do you look in the mirror and say:" Where is my LOVE?"


We are a supportive, compassionate, professional, and LOVE driven team who is dedicated to you!

Lets Connect Today

Your Soulmate 


is waiting!


Call me at 704-953-5377




Flower Arrangement

Did you know that over 90% of people are struggling to move forward in life, and they give up because they do not ask for help?

 Writing your goals in a place where you see it everyday will increase your chances 100% of reaching your goal of self-love?

Reaching out is the first step to having your team and support system to begin your new life!!


BY reaching out and starting your Program today,

you will begin to feel..

In control of your life

Happier and stronger

        Focused, successful, and Proud of the YOU that You are creating!



  Call today :  704-953-5377

You are ENOUGH and YOU deserve the Radiate and Passionate loving you!!!!!

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today. 

           Success Stories:

"Leah helped me to realize my dream of owning my own company. She helped me to organize my business plan, and created a personalized 90 day plan to get me to my end goal.

But through all that, she became my soulmate. I finally asked her to marry me and she said YES!!!!"

- Blake Hedrick

" She walked me through how to accept myself, and to move past my divorce. We worked on a plan to transition from married life to single life. As a team, we organized my life to succeed working and being a mom. When I finally loved the person in the mirror, i met my soulmate who showed me love like I never had before."

- Cindy 


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