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Everyone talks about how to make six figures, and live the American wealthy dream. As a mom who is raising her kids without the village, I struggle to make ends meet some months. I now we all want the dream, but how do we get there? We were taught that if we work hard and save our money we will have enough money to retire by the age of 65. By the time we are 65 we can start to live and travel.

This sounds terrible. I watch on social media how everyone is living these amazing lives, and having the dream at 30. The truth is we all want that. I know I would love to have a cleaning crew, and travel all the time, but in reality I cannot afford it. But, I figured out how this works. They do what they love. When you do not stress shop, or stress live and record only the fun..... you live this social media life.....

The secret love what you do. Love is what I understand more than anything... Love is what I have spent 30 years studying.

So here goes.... The secret to life, success, and love..... Do, be, and live what you LOVE... Do not settle for anything else. When you settle you miss your opportunity for love, and you take someone's chance for love... This can be in a career, relationship, home, and even anything.

So, take a chance on loving your life!!!

Look in the mirror and say.... I love you..... you got this!!

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